FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about our lampshades

Our pleated lamp shades are perfect to mix & match with your desired style lamp base. Please read the below Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) before you purchase one of our lamp bases.

FAQs / Frequently Asked Questions about our lamp shades

**How will the lampshade arrive in the mail?**

The lampshades will arrive in the mail disassembled for safety reasons. I ship them disassembled for safety reasons as shipping them assembled would be very costly (and wouldn’t allow me to offer free shipping Australia and USA wide) and will ensure the shades arrive without damage and/or creases. Assembling your lampshades takes 2 minutes and assembly instructions will be included in your package.

**What material are your lampshades made of?**

Our pleated and petal lampshades are made of coated fabric: the outer fabric is a high-quality cotton/acrylic polyester with a fireproof backing inner.

Our diamond / scallop shaped pendant shade is made of high quality paper.

**Can your lampshades be used on a pendant light bulb/ hanging?**

Yes, many people use these lampshades as pendants. Please look closely at the images of the frame and opening to determine whether your existing pendant cord will fit with these specific shades.

**What fitting do your lampshade frames have?**

Pleated lampshades: Our small, medium and large pleated lampshades have a euro fitter (E40 ) with a standard inner diameter of 40mm/4cm/1.57 inches. If this is too big for the lamp base you have in mind you can purchase a lamp shade adapter ring at your local hardware store. Here’s an example.

Petal lampshades: The petal lampshades have an E14 fitter (ring inner diameter 27-29mm).

**The lamp shade fitting is too large for my lamp base. What do I do?**

To convert the lampshade ring to a smaller fitting you can purchase a lamp shade adapter ring at your local hardware store. Here’s a link and an example image below.

**Do you accept returns?**

As per our terms & conditions, we do not accept returns unless faulty. Please do contact us if you have any quality issues.

**How do I assemble the lamp shade?**

Please follow the instructions below to assemble your new lamp shade. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to reach out.

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Hi Alexis at Rakumba gave me your company details regarding pleated lampshades
I require two lampshades butcustom made with wallpaper that I have.
Is this possible – do you provide this service? I also like the petal shaped lampshades.

Many thanks

Julie Senior July 29, 2022

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★★★★★ “Lovely lamp shade! Great quality and fast shipping! Would purchase from again! Thank you!"

Rachel G.