Shop Your Unique Pleated Lampshade at Curvae

Shop Your Unique Pleated Lampshade at Curvae

Are you looking to give your nightstand a vintage look? Or maybe you’ve just gotten a new lamp and you want to go for a retro feel?

Well, there is no better way to do it than with a pleated lampshade!

The pleated lampshade is the latest lighting trend that you want to make sure that you’ve got in your home. But the thing is, it is not even new! 

Pleated lampshades were popular in the late 20th century. But by the 2000s, you could hardly find them anywhere. They were replaced by the drum-shaped bedside lampshades that everyone had in their bedroom. Finding these beauties in retail stores has since become nearly impossible. But now they are back in style!

So get ahead of others and transform your living space with Curvae’s modern, simplistic, yet elegant collection of pleated lampshades.

At Curvae, we offer the best collection of quality pleated shades for your home. The pleat lampshades are perfect for any style of lamp base that you want to use them with.

Whether you are looking for something classy, simple, or with an extravagant feel, head over to the Curvae store. Drop that boring lampshade style and go for something that feels more like you- full of life.

Don’t just go for any pleated lampshade, make sure you invest in quality. All the lamp shades at Curvae have very crisp pleats because they are made out of high-quality materials. They're designed with your safety in mind, with a fireproof interior to match the high-quality outer material.

The Origami White Pendant Lampshade is handmade from the best quality matte paper in a stunning origami style. It can be used as a pendant ceiling light or to decorate the room. It should be used with LED lamps only.

If you want a unique lampshade, then go for the Medium Caramel Pleated Lampshade to introduce that soft mood lighting into your home.

The other pleated lampshades are Danish-styled and available in white and ivory (off-white). The Danish pleated shades are made from cotton/polyester chintz. They come in three sizes, depending on how large you like your lampshades. 

The small lamp shades are 19 cm tall and have a diameter of 31 cm. Medium-sized lampshades have a height of 23 cm and a diameter of 37.5 cm. The large lamp shades measure 28 cm in height and 43 cm in diameter.

For safety and to prevent damage, the lampshades will arrive disassembled. When assembled, their sizes may vary slightly from the specified dimensions. 

The inside frame of the Curvae lamp shades are a white iron frame with an E40 fitter and a standard interior diameter of 1.57 inches/40 mm. If your lamp base is smaller than this, then you should get an adapter ring for the lamp shade.

No matter the lamp shade design you are looking to purchase, Curvae has got you covered. Get creative and match the modern pleated lamp shades with contemporary and vintage lamp bases.

If you are looking to check out other lampshade styles, then take a look at the Petal Lampshades and Vintage Lampshades.

Don't have any lamp bases yet? Take your pick from the variety available at Curvae lamps or check out our favourite stores.

As a mark of the quality and unique designs of our pleated lampshades, we have been featured in Real Living Magazine, Russh Magazine, and InStyle.

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