How to style your pleated lamp shade

Despite their roots in grand, maximalist living rooms of the past, Curvae's pleated lamp shades are ideal in minimalist interiors. Our pleated lamp shades provide texture and pattern to a simple interior design. Whether they are crafted from fabric or paper, our Danish style pleated lamp shades are making waves in the interior design world.

Our top 5 tips to style your pleated lamp shade:
  • Styling tip 1: place your pleated lamp shade where they'll catch the light and watch them cast the prettiest shadows.
  • Styling tip 2: Find a lamp base with some texture and pair it with our pleated lamp shades. This will create a stylish and layered look.
  • Styling tip 3: Find a warm light bulb. This will create instant mood lighting. 
  • Styling tip 4: Hide the lamp base cords out of sight. No one likes seeing ugly cords and cables. 
  • Styling tip 5: Place your lamp on a beautiful side table or a pile of books to elevate your lamp base.

Curvae lamp shade - Styling by

Image: Curvae caramel pleated lamp shade, styled and photographed by

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Mix and match our lamp shades with a vintage or new lamp base to create your own unique lamp.

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